Scholten & Baiijings for Maharam Pattern Porcelain Mug Giveaway

Buy 15,000 PHP or more of Herman Miller items to receive a Lapel or Matcha Pattern Porcelain mug of your choice Scholten & Baijings for Maharam

Maharam introduces a new collection of accessories developed exclusively for Japan under the creative direction of Scholten & Baijings. Span- ning a range of materials and techniques, the initial o ering includes original designs developed in collaboration with 1616 / arita japan and Karimoku New Standard, customized Maharam bears, and a series of Porter Yoshida & Co. bags reimagined through Maharam textiles. This assortment joins a robust selection of existing Maharam accessories—bags, pillows and printed material—available globally through Herman Miller Japan and other select retailers.