4 Top World-Class Work From Home Furniture

In these trying times, we get through life by any possible means. When the coronavirus hits the globe, millions of people are forced out of their jobs for health and safety reasons. And that is when telecommuting thrived. The act of working from home got the people by, in terms of having income and at the same time surviving a pandemic. But what does it take to also survive telecommuting? You may have a decent table lamp and other office desk accessories, but what can you do to really optimize your work productivity? Need space dedicated to work without any interruptions? CWC International Corp. ranks world-class work from home furniture that you might find handy in this challenging period.


Premium World Class Brands


Herman Miller

“Inspiring designs to help people do great things.” Herman Miller has been in the business for more than a hundred years. They thrived and they are herald as one of the few brands that really put a difference in the business world. Here are a few samples of Herman Miller office desks.



Collaborative desk. If there are other few people in your house that are also working remotely, then the Optimis Desk is perfect. It is capacious, ergonomic, and has a sleek design fit for everyday use. You can also have other selections like Imagine, Exclave, Augmented Ratio, and a lot more.



Modern, luxurious, and powerful. This executive chair by Herman Miller catches the eyes of many. Its sophisticated design is dedicated to bringing comfort to users. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, and functional, perfect for your ideal home office area.



Pride of Switzerland, Vitra started the furniture business in 1957, with a license to produce Herman Miller furniture designs in Europe. Since then, they have been one of the top producers of furniture with high profile clients. Today, Vitra is also focusing on Japanese themed furniture and design concepts, which help enhance the wellbeing of the users.



With its comprehensive design, the AM chair is a cushioned executive seat that exudes in elegance and functionality. It is craftsmanship at its finest. This swivel chair offers comfort and relieves body tension even for a hard whole day’s work.



A classic design from the 90s but with a twist of modern features, this office desk can be bought in modules according to the settings and modes of users. A contemporary design deemed perfect for home office space.

A good collection of furniture does go a long way. Aside from the comfort it brings, it also provides us with the ways of going through to our daily routines. For more of the world’s most top-quality and supreme craftsmanship of work from home furniture, office, and business areas, visit us at CWC International Corp. and discover the worlds of comfort and style. Logon to our website today at https://cwc.com.ph/.