A Good Home Office Setup Can Improve Your Internet Connection

Just last year, the idea of working from home was a luxury concept. But once the pandemic hit, that concept flew out the window. Some of the early challenges faced by many were finding the right home office setup or location, finding the right work desk, and finding other work furniture like an ergonomic chair. However, some until now are still struggling to find ways to improve their internet connection. We hope these tips will help with this matter.


The pandemic has affected internet speed

Home internet speeds are far slower than the average office speeds since company internet plans are faster and cost more. Factor in that more people are using the net at home for everything from work, entertainment, online schooling, to communication. Plus the fact that the whole family is staying at home, so more people are now using the internet compared to pre-COVID usage. Instead of bugging your ISP about the slow speed, try these tips:

  • Turn off your router at night

    Allowing your router to rest at night when everyone is asleep and turning it on in the morning will flush out any errors in its memory that might be slowing down the internet connection.

  • Buy a new router

    If your router is an older model, maybe it’s time to upgrade it. Newer routers are better equipped to keep the internet speed moving along fast.

  • Reposition your router

    If you’re using a direct connection through Ethernet while also utilising the wireless connection, position your router nearer the computer using the Ethernet. If everyone is using the Wi-Fi, place the router in the most spacious area in the living room.

  • Clear out the cache 

    Clear out the cache and other non-essentials by using the disk clean-up tool. Many of the accumulated trash is internet-caused and slows down the connection.


Update your home office accessories

Aside from the necessary work furniture around the home office, there are some home office accessories you might need to help with your internet connection.


For instance, use a USB docking station for users who need multiple ports for their work tasks. Freeing up the strain of using all the ports in a laptop will improve the machine’s efficiency, improving the internet connection as well.


The NETBOX Profilebox-C is just the accessory you need for your internet. The Profilebox-C can be attached to any work desk or table. It contains at least two ports for Ethernet cables and two international outlets, with options to add USB ports or more Ethernet cable ports. It also keeps cords and cables organised for neater looking home office space.


Another accessory for your cables and cords is the NETBOX Combi Duplex. The Duplex can be placed on top of any work desk or table. It contains enough outlets and ports so you won’t need separate outlets or use the ports in your laptop.


CWC International Corporation

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