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Work From Home: How to Create a Shared Home Office with Furniture for Couples

You’ve probably been reading a lot about creating a home office space for those forced to work from home. Everything from work from home furniture, […]

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Set up Your Home Office So It’s Also Gaming-Friendly

The still-raging pandemic is seeing more and more people working from home. While ergonomic home office furniture has steadily gone up in popularity because of […]

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A Good Home Office Setup Can Improve Your Internet Connection

Just last year, the idea of working from home was a luxury concept. But once the pandemic hit, that concept flew out the window. Some […]

work from home furniture

Work from Home Furniture: Types of Home Office Work Desks

Many people work from home today due to the pandemic. If you have a home office or at least a dedicated workspace at home, finding […]

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How to Choose the Best Desk as Part of Your Home Office Furniture

Now that you’re working at home because of the pandemic, one of the most essential home office furniture you need is the right work desk. […]

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Other Accessories and Furniture to Spruce Up Your Home Office (PART 2)

Note: This is Part 2 of the article that discusses office accessories and home office furniture that are useful or needed for home office workspaces […]

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Other Accessories and Furniture to Spruce Up Your Home Office (PART 1)

Working from home has instantly become the new normal in the professional world as a result of a global virus pandemic with no end in […]

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Shopping Online for Work from Home Furniture

How do you shop online for work from home furniture? Do you buy because it’s needed or do you splurge on new styles? Always remember […]

Design Your Workspace With Herman Miller Home Office Furniture

Most countries are trying to get their economies back on track by slowly easing off lockdown protocols so businesses and companies could open again after […]

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Addressing Neck and Back Pain: Purchase Quality Work Furniture

Sore shoulders, back pain, neck aches – you’re not alone in feeling all these, and perhaps more, by the new work from home lifestyle. These […]