How Can You Create a Healthy Work from Home Culture for Others?

When a country is under an epidemic or quarantine lockdown, it’s quite evident that most businesses and industries will be hit hard by the restrictions on trade, travel, and social interactions because of “social distancing” precautions. To stay in business, companies will have to move their employees to remote work. This sudden shift in work and reality means that business owners and managers need to lead their workers by example and understanding to ensure employee productivity. But what is the first thing that corporate owners can do to help their employees’ transition?


The first thing that EVERYONE needs to realize is that NO ONE will be ready for this unique situation. So, everything needs to be a team effort. For managers, they will need to find out if their employees have the right infrastructure. Do the workers have a proper Internet connection at home? Do they need to bring home any laptops or desktops being used in the office? Can the equipment be transported safely to the employees’ homes? What will management do with employees with no Internet connection at home? This needs to be sorted out quickly to ensure that all employees are equipped to work, and no one is left behind.


Establish a secure and regular communication line

Management should see what type of communication needs to be used regularly. Email and instant messaging apps used in the office are still crucial in communicating between employees, managers, and clients. Once everyone is established for remote work, have an informal “work launch” to jump-start work and to test all communication avenues.


Check on everyone regularly

Once work becomes regular, supervisors and managers should meet with their teams at least once a week. If you’re used to having meetings, do so even remotely; management can even check if the employee’s work from home furniture is comfortable for work. This is management’s way to not only check up on work progress but to also check up on each employee’s psychological health.


Management needs to trust employees

The best way to trust your employees is to trust them. Even if management can’t see them working, the employees themselves will rise to the occasion and show it based on outcomes. Management may not be able to monitor the process, but the quality of tasks done, and results will always be visible for everyone. Managers and supervisors should also take the time to talk to each and everyone on video calls. This will make the employee feel that he or she is still an essential part of the organization even if they are working from home.


Lastly, management should inquire if the work environment at home is comfortable enough for work. Are they using a work table? Is their work chair comfortable? Is the internet connection enough? Is the employee utilizing proper cable management for the safety of family members? If not, management can recommend work from home furniture and solutions suitable for a work from home environment.

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