Design Your Workspace With Herman Miller Home Office Furniture

Most countries are trying to get their economies back on track by slowly easing off lockdown protocols so businesses and companies could open again after almost four months of closure. However, many companies are considering making work from home arrangements for their employees permanent because of the lingering dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, which probably won’t go away for a year or two. So, companies are looking ahead by suggesting to their employees that they make their home office space – and home office furniture – more permanent.


For permanent or semi-permanent home office designs, CWC International Corp has some practical and unique ideas, especially from the home office furniture designs of Herman Miller.


The necessity of a dedicated home office workspace

Whether as a reprieve or permanently, sitting on the couch with your laptop or using the kitchen table for remote work will never work in the long run. In case your home isn’t big enough for a dedicated home office, you can find and transform an underutilized space in your home to convert into your personal office space. This can be the guest room, a storage area, or just declare that a portion of the living room is your office space.


The main objectives for your own home workspace are that it should offer some privacy and effectively separates work from personal and family spaces. And of course, you need good home office design ideas and suggestions for furniture. Again, CWC International Corp offers its practical and comfortable ideas and designs, especially from Herman Miller.


Why Herman Miller?

Herman Miller is a furniture company that started more than a hundred years before. That’s right, they’re more than 100 years old. Instead of a single designer, the company collaborates with some of the world’s greatest and legendary furniture designers. Thus, Herman Miller produces work and office furniture that is ergonomically comfortable and also classics of industrial design.


As recently as this year and 2019, Herman Miller has earned several prestigious awards from the iF World Design Awards 2020, Human Rights Campaign Foundation 2020 Corporate Equality Index, and the Stars of the Industry Awards 2019, to name a few.


CWC International Corp work from home furniture ideas

One example of a Herman Miller design is the Augment Ratio office desk. It is height-adjustable to enable a smooth transition between sitting and standing. Users can vary their posture even while sitting or standing. The movement from one posture to another is beneficial to one’s health and prevents a sedentary lifestyle that can lead to obesity or heart disease.


If you’re looking for office chairs, the Aeron Work Chair and Cosm Work Chair concepts are perfect for the home. They don’t take up much space, are ergonomically healthy and comfortable, and compliments any office desk you may have, including the Augment Ratio.


CWC International Corp

CWC International Corp is a multi-furniture company and retail store. It is a wholly-owned Filipino company established in 1992. CWC now carries prestigious home office furniture brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra. CWC invites you to view its collection of ergonomically designed chairs and desks perfect for any home office space at and get in touch today.