Ergonomic Home Office Furniture Can Improve Mental Health in Remote Work

If one researches office injuries, a large proportion of developing musculoskeletal disorders can be traced back to outdated or even unsafe office furniture. While this is a real concern for many companies because it affects productivity, the concern now goes out to many homes since many employees are currently working from home, due to the pandemic lockdowns. Having ergonomically designed home office furniture helps improve not only physical but mental health as well.


Ergonomics for better mental health

Originally, ergonomically designed furniture for workplaces is supposed to improve health by tackling problems such as neck and back pain due to bad posture, decreased blood flow due to sitting for long periods, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular and heart problems, headaches, and eye strain. Of course, in solving these problems, it also improves a worker’s mental health, which is crucial in this time of working at home because of the pandemic.


Less stress, better mental health

Ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce significantly whatever pain or discomfort that employees may feel while working, most notably at home. So, when employees are not experiencing pain and discomfort, this naturally puts them in a better mood, improves their mental health, makes them more productive, and less stress is emanated at home that could also affect other family members. Good mental health snowballs into other positive effects. This also leads to greater job satisfaction.


The design itself improves mental wellness

When an employee becomes aware that his or her chair and desk are the cause of pain and discomfort, the desire to become productive drops considerably. Ergonomic home office furniture improves not only the physical well-being of employees, but also mental health. When you invest in physical and mental wellness through ergonomic work furniture for working at home, you not only take care of yourself, but also your work, your company, and your family. Employees with higher work productivity have higher rates of happiness and mental well-being.


CWC International Corporation ergonomic home office furniture

If you want to improve your overall mental health and boost productivity at home, ergonomic home office furniture may be the solution for you. We at CWC International Corporation can help you with your various office design needs through our Home Office, Living Office, and Thrive Ergonomic concepts. Visit our website at to view our gallery of projects over the years as well as our extensive range of ergonomic chairs, desks, furniture, and more.