Finding Aesthetic Harmony in Office Interior Design

There’s a common misconception that office interior design and businesses need to look plain and boring in order to appear professional. This is not true; a well-designed office can give clients and customers a strong, positive first impression about the business or establishment. Classy furniture has its own particular niche in the workplace – it just needs the right balance and placement for them.


In this article, CWC International Corp. offers some suggestions for achieving visual harmony with office decorations. These tips are also resource-friendly, meaning that the suggestions are cost-effective and could make a significant difference in implementing an eco-friendly office space. Read on below.



Organic Architecture is a philosophy applied in Architecture that focuses more on the sustainability of an establishment by harmonising it with the environment. Part of its advocacy is to make use of natural elements to create interiors that feature synthetic materials at a minimal quantity. An organic office interior design goes beyond the use of elements that make a space look natural. Types of natural elements that are available in nature and in the market which can be used as an alternative to those artificial and unsustainable items. 



Plants are a relatively inexpensive way of adding colour to any space, be it a cubicle or a corner office. Green and leafy plants can help accessorize personal spaces and add texture to an otherwise plain area. They also help keep the atmosphere of the office fresh and clean – plants help clean indoor air and balance out a room’s humidity, as well as absorbing pollutants floating through the room.


Some plants even provide the benefit of scenting the air, though this may be a double-edged blade for people with pollen allergies. Going green figuratively and literally is a sustainable way of spicing up a room’s aesthetics – don’t hesitate to get a potted plant or two.



Did you know that each manufactured furniture has undergone multiple processes, and its production affects our environment? Yes, we know that most fixtures today are made of plastics, but with modern technology, we can choose to create them from organic materials and through a minimalist method to avoid over-usage of materials. CWC Ph offer ecological office furniture that is ergonomically designed for comfort. Our best selling executive chairs and desks are made from high-quality and top brands like Herman Miller, Vitra, A&H Meyer, and many others. 



Most storage and office furniture tend to come in similar, flat-looking shades – while there’s nothing wrong with them, there’s not much going for them visually, either. Don’t be afraid to pick bold coloured pieces for an office that’s predominantly light-toned; this adds texture and character to a room. A brightly coloured chair can accent and highlight an elegantly crafted table, while dark-coloured cabinets can add depth to a predominantly white room. Decorating in complementary colours can also give a room some attitude, provided it’s done in moderation.

CWC Ph has an extensive catalogue of high-quality furniture that can give any given space, office or residential, an impactful appearance. If your office space needs redesigning, you can visit CWC Ph for various eco-friendly and modular office interior design furniture to fit your office needs. For more information, log on to our website at