Get the Best Work Desk Furniture to Increase Productivity in Remote Work

Now that many employees are spending the majority of their working hours at home because of the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, they will still be spending more time sitting down at their home office work station. And just like working at the office, full-time work from home employees will spend an average of 8.44 hours per day working at their home office desk.


Workers can actually boost their productivity by leveraging the power of the “desk effect.” This is the potential impact of a desk, its layout, and location on productivity, output, and even mental and physical health. 


Location Matters

Whether in the office or at home – but most especially at home – where your desk is located will matter a lot. You need to ask – do you have the optimal desk location for your work without being bothered by family members, noise, and other aspects from home? Perhaps your desk located beside the kitchen is not a suitable location, especially when you have video conferences with your team and you need a little quiet to compose written materials.


Find Your Aesthetic

Your desk and surrounding workspace design will define your energy and will inspire you to work better each day. If you don’t know what your workspace and desk will look and feel, take time to dream up what you really want. If you’re a minimalist, then you’ll want to have a simple desk with a simple shade or colour and fine lines. Your surroundings will also be devoid of decorations. If you’re the creative type, then perhaps you might want a brightly coloured or ergonomically designed work desk. You might want some art, shelves, and plants around your workspace.


Go Ergonomic

Your desk, chair, lighting, monitor, and even laptop support must provide you with comfort while working to avoid physical health problems such as neck and back pain, eye strain, and bad circulation. To improve your home office furniture as well as your physical and mental health, it’s a good idea to invest in an ergonomically designed work desk, chair, and other ergonomic accessories that can make an immediate difference in structural support. When you use ergonomic furniture, you are investing in your health as well. And a healthy worker means a mentally healthy one as well.


Ergonomic Solutions from CWC International Corp.

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