How to Childproof Your Home Office and Furniture

The still raging pandemic may perhaps mean that you or both you and your spouse will work from home. This also gives more time for both of you to spend with your family. However, if you have little ones, it is important to learn to childproof your home office. There can be home office furniture that can be dangerous to young children if they are left unsupervised for a few minutes. It is thus vital that you childproof your home office.


Watch out for Electrical Hazards

Electrical outlets can be shock hazards to children. Instead of plastic inserts that can be pried off by curious little fingers, invest in cable management solutions such as the range of NETBOX Solutions for international outlets, cable and networking ports. They are easily installed under work desks or on top of tables, complete with adaptable covers. They are out of reach and offer added protection against children. They also prevent loose cords and cables and make using cable ties easier. NETBOX is available from CWC International.


Secure the Home Office Furniture

Home office furniture such as work desks, chairs, storage cabinets, and monitors should be secured, so they don’t topple over and accidentally injure a child. Work desks along walls can be secured to the wall. Invest in ergonomic chairs such as the Express Chair by Herman Miller. Though it has adjustable backrest tilts for better lower back and lumbar support, the chair can also be locked, so it doesn’t tilt. This tilt prevention is useful should a child climb up on the chair. For better monitor support, use the Ollin Dynamic Arm that is easily clamped on the work desk. It can be raised after work, so the monitor is far from a child’s reach. It can support monitors that weigh up to 1.76lbs.


CWC International Corporation

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