Don’t Make These Mistakes When Shopping Online for Work from Home Furniture

How do you shop online for work from home furniture? Do you buy because it’s needed or do you splurge on new styles? Always remember that to get your money’s worth, you need to shop smart and practical.


The home office has become the main office for many due to the pandemic lockdowns. This means that a lot of people these days need to buy office furniture, and more likely they’re buying it online. So, if you’re shopping online for work furniture, don’t ever make these mistakes. 


Don’t Overlook Measurements

You can’t measure anything just by looking at it. You need to whip out the measuring tape and start measuring proper dimensions. The biggest mistake in selecting home office furniture online is forgetting to measure the actual space you will be using the furniture in. For instance, not measuring the space behind the desk to allow the chair to move in and out freely.


Never Buy Anything You Don’t Need

And don’t buy furniture you don’t intend to use. It may be hard to resist bold announcements of sales and huge discounts. But now is not the time for impulse buying, even if you try to justify that you can use that chair for work, or use that side table beside your work desk. Again, buy what you NEED for work.


Don’t Prioritise Style Over Function

You don’t need an Instagram-worthy office space. You’re at home to work. Forgoing performance and function for stylish is a mistake with online work furniture. For instance, an ill-fitting chair can cause fatigue, discomfort, and neck and back problems. And you probably don’t need that office desk with all those drawers; you’re working from home after all.


Instead, we suggest going directly to a reputable commercial office furniture manufacturer. While their task chairs and office desks may be a bit more pricey, their office furniture is guaranteed to be durable, ergonomic, and with longer warranties.


You Won’t Make a Mistake When Selecting Office Furniture from CWC International

For durable and ergonomic work from home furniture, check out CWC International. Here are also a few of our suggestions for comfortable work furniture.


Cosm Work Chair

  • 12-year warranty
  • Standard-height range
  • Auto-harmonic tilt
  • Fixed seat depth and fixed arms
  • Quiet roll technology ideal for carpet or hard floor
  • Intercept suspension material


Sayl Chair

  • 12-year warranty
  • Mid-back suspension
  • Standard height range
  • 2-tilt limiter
  • Height-adjustable arms and seat


AM Chair

  • Mesh light net backrest
  • Pro-motion without forward tilt with seat depth adjustment armrest
  • 2D armrests


For the best home office furniture, CWC International Corp. carries a wide range of high-quality furnishing products. CWC provides a holistic office solution for any home office workspace. For better quality, find CWC International at