The Perfect Work From Home Furniture: The Ergonomic Office Chair

The perfect office chair exists. It may come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, but it is designed with the same fundamental features. It is comfortable, suitably cushioned, fully adjustable, and provides ample support for the body, especially during long work hours. It is the perfect work from home furniture. You can find many ergonomic task chairs for home at CWC International Corp. Just visit their website to check out their catalogs.


Comfortable to sit on for hours on end


One of the first things to notice about a good office chair is how comfortable it is. Since office chairs are meant to be used for long periods, having a flexible back frame, elastomeric suspension, and Auto-Harmonic tilt mechanism are crucial. You can flex and move your upper body comfortably as the frame gives you total back support. With the elastomeric suspension, you get dynamic spinal support; unlike ordinary cushioned chairs, the back is breathable and temperature-neutral. The Auto-Harmonic tilt perfectly balances your body as you move in your seat; the best thing about it is it easily adjusts to your posture and body.


The modern ergonomic office chair is designed with the user’s posture and health in mind. Not only that, but it also ensures that it is size-inclusive as well as environmentally sensitive.


Proper back support


Aside from being comfortable to sit on, the perfect office chair comes with proper lumbar support. The shape and curvature of the chair’s back are vital in that they support your back and spine while sitting down for a long time. Having poor posture affects the spine later on as we get older, so it is best to take care of our bodies while we are still young and able. Also, with this chair, the lower back is adequately supported and kept slightly arched (as it naturally should). Moreover, it reduces tension on the lumbar disc of the spine. You can never go wrong with a chair that promotes a natural and healthy sitting position.


Good armrest support


Your arms need support, too. Armrests provide relief for the shoulders, neck, and upper back. Likewise, it minimizes the pressure on the lower back, and offer overall support of the body as you write and read. One of the most common conditions office workers develop is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is described as a numbness, tingling sensation, and pain in the hands and fingers. With armrests, they give the upper limbs proper support, so there is less tension and discomfort.


Adjustable controls within arm’s reach


The perfect office chair has built-in adjustable controls for the backrest, armrest, and seat height. It can easily adjust to the size and height of the user with just a pull or push of the levers, which are conveniently placed within arm’s reach. You can tilt forward and backward, rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, and go lower and higher while feeling all comfortable and supported the entire time. 


CWC International Corporation offers work from home furniture

We are currently living in a strange and challenging time, where social distancing and telecommuting are the “new normal”. When it comes to working from home, which may take some getting used to, you will need a dedicated home office space to maintain your comfort and focus. You can view our ergonomically designed chairs and desks for your home office on our website at CWC International Corporation has office chairs from brands like Herman Miller, Naughtone, Vitra, and Walter Knoll. Get in touch today!