How to Prepare the Workplace After COVID-19: Social and Work Desk Furniture Distancing And Proper Sanitation

The global pandemic has pushed businesses to either close their doors or open remotely. Employers have implemented the Work From Home option so their employees will still be able to work and provide the essentials for their families. While the outbreak has been going on for months, we still have a long way to go before all this blows over. Eventually, shops and offices will slowly reopen, we will go back to our offices, and everything will be back to normal—or so we thought. The truth of the matter is that there will be changes in the traditional workplace to adjust to safety standards; this includes moving around work desk furniture arrangements. Social distancing will still be the norm, and practicing proper hygiene a crucial regulation to follow during office hours. 


Workplace protocols


Workers returning to their daily grind should be informed in advance of the new protocols strictly followed at work. These protocols can be communicated through Safety Guidelines documents or signs around the office, email memos, tours, as well as training. For instance, there should be a sign that says the maximum gathering of persons is only 10 at a time. To comply with social distancing rules, it is best to remove the excess number of chairs in the conference room. As well, seats in the reception area or lobby should be limited.


The Six Feet Office


According to real estate company Cushman & Wakefield, the Six Feet Office follows the six feet distancing rule and translates it into the office setting. This entails rearranging the office furniture so employees will have to work across each other at a safer and recommended distance.


Additionally, it is a must to discourage people from occupying chairs and workstations close to others by removing furniture when not in use. With that, workers should only fill the station assigned to them. 


Proper hygiene


After the reopening of business and offices, curbing further transmission by practicing proper sanitation and disposal and recycling of rubbish are vital. A no-touch policy can be implemented for garbage cans and doors. As well, hands-free faucets should be set up, along with liquid soap and paper towel dispensers to limit any physical contact with various public items. The bins should be positioned as far away from the workstations as possible. Moreover, workers should be trained to clear their desks of items not needed for work, so post-shift cleaning is made easier and more thorough. The lesser things there are on your desk, the better. 


The future is still uncertain, but we must remain hopeful that the outbreak slows down and stops over time. By now, we have realized that we can’t go back to the way things were. It’s already a thing of the past. That is why getting ready for the new normal is the best step forward. Take it as an opportunity to make the workplace safer and better for all. It takes some time getting used to, but eventually, we will reap the benefits of being cautious.


CWC International Corporation

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