Chipboard Non Encapsulated Panel

Unitile’s Chip Board Non Encapsulated Panel consists of engineered 600mm square modular panels constructed around a high density E1 grade chipboard core. The system fully complies with the Euro Class requirement of EN 12825.

The base and the top surface of the core is factory bonded using an appropriate combination of surface finishes such as Aluminum, Galvanized sheet steel, High Pressure Laminate etc. The surface coverings are trimmed to ensure fine dimensional control, accurate alignment of grids and inter-changeability of panels. A full depth ABS edge band provides total encapsulation of the chipboard core and also protects the edge of the surface covering to prevent ingress of moisture. Electrical continuity is maintained through the top and bottom surface of the panel on to the pedestal head through conductive gasket. This ensures positive positioning and location of the floor panel on to the understructure system.