Exclave Designed by Gianfranco Zaccai and Continuum In today’s competitive business environment, innovation drives organizational success. As organizations increasingly rely on the collaborative work of high-performance teams to drive innovation, providing teams what they need to collaborate effectively becomes essential.


Effective collaboration requires a spatial ecosystem in which every element works with every other element to support human needs and stimulate innovative thinking. Exclave is a cohesive suite of products designed to create collaborative ecosystems across the office landscape.


Enhances Engagement

Exclave uses human-centered design to empower highperformance teams by integrating surroundings, furnishings, and tools in collaborative ecosystems that address sightlines, posture, and circulation. For example, in the Workshop setting to the left, a collaborative standing-height table paired with stools supports standing and seated team members at eyelevel with each other and their remote colleagues. The table is shaped to ensure clear lines of sight to analog and digital displays around the perimeter and located so people have plenty of room to move around and use them.


Mobilizes Ideas and Information

Creative thinking that begins in one space can be refined or expanded on in another. Exclave whiteboards, tackboards, and environmentally friendly, lightweight eco boards travel with teams and individuals throughout the day to help preserve and disseminate good ideas. Mobile carts provide freestanding display and space delineation in open settings. Rails installed in a variety of settings offer flexible, adaptable suppor