Keyn Chair Group

Keyn Chair Group by Herman Miller™

Designed by forpeople

The Keyn Chair Group offers a range of side and meeting chairs that can easily reflect the personality of any organization through a meaningful range of options and upholstery selections. By allowing the one-piece seat-and-back shell to slide smoothly and provide a controlled, fluid recline, Keyn helps people stay comfortable and remain focused by naturally and frequently changing postures. Keyn is also versatile in appearance and function. A range of looks can be achieved by combining bases, shell and frame finishes, arm selections, and a broad choice of upholstery materials. Four-leg chairs can easily be stacked and stowed when not in use. With Keyn’s four-star base option, the chair’s return-to-center swivel ensures that meeting spaces always look great, even when they’re not in use.



For sitting to be as healthful as possible, people should change positions frequently. Keyn makes this possible by responding to the body’s movements. Its patented mechanism allows the one-piece seat-and-back shell to slide smoothly and provide a controlled, fluid, 10-degree recline so that people can move naturally and feel comfortable. This sense of ease allows the mind to focus, which can help increase productivity while people are collaborating or during meetings.



A key consideration of forpeople’s design approach was to ensure that each variation of the chair had the same universal appeal. A refined design was achieved based on four key parts: the base, cradle, seat shell, and a selection of upholstery options. Keyn’s global availability makes it an appealing choice for customers with locations around the world seeking consistency from site to site.