Layout Studio

This benching system can adapt to the needs of any organization and its people. It was designed for the person, to go across the office landscape, and it’s also available around the globe. Offices aren’t static, so furniture inside shouldn’t be either, which is exactly why Layout Studio can be reconfigured as future needs arise.

About the Person

Layout Studio lets people edit their space in a personal way. Choices for storage and multifunctional work tools allow the individual to fine-tune and adjust each work area as needed. The organization achieves spatial efficiency, and the person maintains a sense of autonomy.

Across the Landscape

Available in both seated and standing heights, Layout Studio applies in settings across the office landscape, from individual workspaces to project team tables. Its range of choices and ability to scale up or down means that Layout Studio can be responsive to the needs of individuals and teams and change as those needs evolve

Around the World

Working styles across the world fully informed the design of Layout Studio. Starting with a universal foundation, the system incorporates subtle changes that make sense for different cultures and countries. The outcome is consistent form and function that translates across the globe.

Into the Future

Choices and scalability ensure Layout Studio can change with the needs of an organization and its people. As teams grow and condense, as personal preferences shift, organizations can respond—well into the future—by scaling the system up or down, or changing how it’s arranged.