Wall-Mounted Technology LD Series

This track-mounted support takes full advantage of vertical space, storing up to 20 pounds of technology up and out of the way and folding within seven inches against the wall when not in use. Treated with anti-microbial finishes, it is ideal for clinical or patient bedside applications. Available with attachable CPU support.



A 16-inch extension arm gives the LD Series exceptional reach, positioning equipment right where you need it and then folding back to the wall when not in use.  This range of motion makes it an ideal solution for healthcare applications, since it allows caregivers to interact with patients face-to-face, instead of turning their backs to the people in their care.

Easy Installation

The LD Series can be installed on Herman Miller Healthcare Compass tiles and many other common surfaces within a half hour, allowing you to place technology wherever you need it with minimum downtime. (All mounting hardware is included.) This solution is also seismically tested and OSHPD-approved to withstand earthquakes of 7.3 magnitude.