Addressing Neck and Back Pain: Purchase Quality Work Furniture

Sore shoulders, back pain, neck aches – you’re not alone in feeling all these, and perhaps more, by the new work from home lifestyle. These are the most common complaints from people working at home because they haven’t invested in quality work furniture. Instead of the work desk, these days people are working from couches, kitchen tables, and even the bed. It might be time to reevaluate home workspace for the long term.


Find a Work Desk that Enables Productivity

An ergonomically designed work desk includes being comfortable, and this can lead to improved productivity. Also, you don’t need a desk with a lot of drawers because you’re working from home. Your work desk should allow access to all your necessary work tools to be productive.


Solution: Augment Ratio

The Augment Ratio work desk (sold by CWC International) is height-adjustable. Users can vary their posture as they find the right balance alternating between sitting and standing while working. It is the single desk solution that is just right for any home office space.


Sit in a Chair that is Adjustable and Comfortable

Using just any chair in the kitchen or living room just won’t cut it when working from home. This is the biggest invitation to those neck and back pains. You need to support the lower lumbar back properly. You need a proper work chair that can tilt and have ergonomically optimal supports and positions. You also need to make sure your feet touch the ground to avoid lower back pain.


Solution: Sayl Work Chair

The Sayl work chair (sold by CWC International) allows you to stretch and move. It has an elastomer strand backrest that varies in thickness and tension to provide more significant support in the transition areas along the spine to encourage different seated movements. It is the perfect work chair for your home workspace to avoid those neck and back pains.


Adjust that Laptop Height

Ergonomically, a desktop is always better because of the separate monitor. But many people working from home are using the laptop they brought from work. Your goal now is to set up that laptop workspace and avoid discomfort by reducing a head-down position. Find a way to place the laptop screen at eye level. If you have an external keyboard and monitor, these could help a lot.


CWC International Corp.

CWC International is a multi-product company that carries a wide variety of high-quality interior and architectural furnishing products, primarily work furniture for both office and home workspaces. The company was established in June 1992. Starting only with one brand, today CWC International carries other well-known furniture brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra. Inquire from our well-trained customer service team today. You can also find CWC International at