Set up Your Home Office So It’s Also Gaming-Friendly

The still-raging pandemic is seeing more and more people working from home. While ergonomic home office furniture has steadily gone up in popularity because of long-term investments in home office setups, increased leisure time should never be overlooked, especially for those with a streak of gaming in their veins.


After all, you don’t want to waste all that ergonomic home office furniture during the weekend. Gaming for a few hours also takes our minds off the stress of work and the pandemic.


The Ergonomic Chair

The obvious immediate benefits of an ergonomic work chair are supporting the lumbar curve and lower spine. This gives you an improved posture and alleviates back pain that can worsen over time. So, if an ergonomic chair can fully support you during workdays, shouldn’t it also support you during those gaming hours?


Sitting with the correct posture reduces the stress placed on the muscles and spine and can improve blood flow. Having a cushioned seat that supports optimal leg positioning promotes good circulation that impacts every part of your body. 


The Sayl Work Chair by Herman Miller and AM Chair by Vitra are popular offerings from CWC International Corporation. Both chairs combine high-quality materials, multiple-adjustment points for seating comfort, and at least a 12-year warranty that makes for a truly long-term investment for the future of both home office work and gaming leisure.


The Ergonomic Desk

In addition to a comfy work and gaming chair, working and gaming on a height-adjustable table can make a difference in your energy and alertness levels by changing up your posture and keeping you on the right edge. The Ratio Work Desk by Herman Miller is an excellent option for anyone who wants the sturdy flexibility of a quality height-adjustable desk that features minimal design aesthetic but reliability and strength for a long-term investment.


CWC International Corporation

Whether the ergonomic home office furniture is for work or leisure gaming, CWC International offers a lot of comfortable ergonomic solutions available for any home office setup. Anyone who takes their work – and their gaming – seriously should invest in an ergonomic set up to benefit their health, improve their work productivity, and boost their gaming performance as well. Let us know what you need by getting in touch with us. Just look for CWC International Corp. at and talk to us.