Work from Home Furniture: Types of Home Office Work Desks

Many people work from home today due to the pandemic. If you have a home office or at least a dedicated workspace at home, finding the right work from home furniture such as a work desk is important. While there is a wide range of desk types, not all desks may be suitable for a home office space. Thus, here are a few types of desks more suitable for working from home.



Shell work desks are three-sided and straightforward with little or no storage underneath. They are typically square or rectangle-shaped and offer plenty of open space underneath.



Writing desks are on the smaller side and are more suitable for those using a laptop. They are meant for light use and are typically made of a thin rectangular writing surface and four legs, with open space underneath. An optional small drawer is found on some models.



Foldable desks are great for temporary desk needs or desks that need to be moved around often. They are foldable to the point that they can be stored inside a closet.



Corner of L-Shaped desks is suitable for a home office with more space or if you need extra workspace. This desk can also be a space saver since it is situated in a corner that is probably unused and converted into a home office. 


Height Adjustable

This type of desk is becoming a popular ergonomic desk for people conscious of their health since they work some eight hours sitting down. This desk can be raised or lowered to alternate between a sitting and standing posture. 


Work Desk Colours

Unless you’re someone who loves psychedelic colours in work tables, the three best colours for a home office desk are:

  • White 

    White finishes or white work surfaces are the most popular work desks for home offices. 

  • Black 

    Black desks hold a slightly more modern tone and retain a more stately and serious look. Metal frame desks often come in black as well.

  • Grey 

    Grey work surfaces or desks impart a calm, neutral tone with a modern edge. It is less warm and traditional than white or natural finishes, yet is brighter and less serious than black desks.


CWC International Corporation

The nature of work has undergone profound changes since the beginning of the pandemic period. Many people are finding it necessary not to leave their homes, finding instead ways to find a home office workspace or creating one for that purpose. CWC International Corporation has been supplying and distributing high quality and innovative workspace furniture since 1992. With the present situation, it has adapted and is now marketing its range of work desks and other work from home furniture from its line of prestigious and quality brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra. Find CWC International at and talk to us so we can find ways to help you with your home office needs.