Work From Home: How to Create a Shared Home Office with Furniture for Couples

You’ve probably been reading a lot about creating a home office space for those forced to work from home. Everything from work from home furniture, artistic aesthetics, to task chairs for home offices are covered. But what happens when both spouses need to work from home? If you and your partner need to share a home office space, you also need to share home office ideas on how to create a productive home office that is shared by two people.


If you have enough space, consider having separate home offices

If you have space, it helps to set up separate home offices. This allows both of you to focus and concentrate without being distracted. This can be important when you both need to make frequent conference and telephone calls. However, if you crave human company, you and your partner should share a home office space.


Try investing in a divider

If you both have no choice but to work in the same home office space, you can invest in a divider. This type of work from home furniture gives both of you some degree of privacy.


Go side by side

If you have enough space along one side of a wall in the house, you can have a wall desk made for two or invest in two work desks placed side by side. In this way, you only take up one wall in your workspace.


Face to face

If you’re easily distracted by your partner’s monitor, you can invest in two work desks but set them up sitting face to face. Instead of both of you looking down at your laptops, try investing in a laptop stand, such as the Lapjack Mobile Stand. The Lapjack is strong and holds your laptop to an eye-level angle using slots in the base that allows you to adjust the height of your screen. Use this with a separate mouse and keyboard, and you have a good setup for a home office space that’s also good for your health. The Lapjack is available from CWC International Corporation.


Get two ergonomic chairs

It’s not fair to have one ergonomic chair while the other is using a kitchen chair. Invest in a single-design ergonomic chair and try to order in the colors you like. It’s sort of like having a “his-and-hers” chair set. The Aeron Work Chair by Herman Miller has zonal support through eight varied tensions in the seat and backrest. Adjustable and individual pads support the sacrum and lumbar region of the spine for a healthful and prompt posture. 


CWC International Corporation

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