Your Posture Vs. Home Office Furniture Philippines

Working remotely is a common thing nowadays, and with the growing numbers of IT companies, dozens of workers in the Information Technology department are hired every day.  And don’t we just love working from home? It is a homebuddy’s dream. But as comfortable as our task chairs for home may seem, the comfort we receive may have an adverse effect on our mood and even our mental health. CWC International Corp., and their collection of premium quality home office furniture Philippines, is in one with fighting towards proper wellbeing of workers all over the globe.


There has been some neuroscientific research about the connection and influence of our posture to our moods. Our emotions are an amazing and mysterious entity that is connected to every little part of our body from the crinkles of our nose, down to the movements of our toes. It is complex, yet sometimes, it is evidently shown through our gestures.  Haven’t you noticed that every time we feel defeated or exhausted, we always end up slouching? It is as if our body is telling us something or maybe it is manifesting what we truly feel deep inside and as if warning and waiting on us to do something about it.


The Effects of Bad Posture

Certain health issues may have been linked to poor posture. It is a rampant occurrence, especially when it comes to office workers that spend most of their time sitting down and remaining glued to their desks. Some illnesses related to bad posture may be diabetes, increased chance of heart ailments, some chronic diseases, and may even lead to depression. 


Ways to Prevent Bad Posture

Ergonomic Chairs and Desks – CWC Interiors recommends brands such as Vitra, A&H Meyer, Euro, Herman Miller, and so much more.


Vitra ID Chairs – classic soft upholstered cushion back or made with premium quality mesh, Vitra chairs exceed the standards of your typical office swivel chair. It delivers maximum comfort, promotes good body posture, and it is aesthetically designed to achieve elegance and style.


Vitra Desks – T2 mobile desk is light and chic. A smart desk that can be adjusted into a standing desk for comforts of users. Its sleek ergonomic design allows users to have optimum comfort – truly a modern piece of furniture.


The Positive Effects of Good Posture

Always practice proper spine alignment especially when sitting down. A good sitting position may boost your confidence and performance with your daily tasks. Pro tip: Relax for a bit. Even bees rest. Workers are also allowed to take a 15-minute off, we are humans, after all. You can spend that free time to clear your mind and realign your spine by taking a short walk, to relieve eye tension by looking at nature outside of your work area; you can even eat something to help create energy for your brain.

Always remember that our health is essential and we should find ways to take good care of our body because we only have one. Are you in need of changing your home office station? CWC International Corp. is the best place to shop for home office furniture Philippines. You can view top ergonomic brands on our website today at